BDing 4 A BFP….WTF?

August 13, 2008

This is off my normal topic of working through my grief but it’s also something that I am dealing with.  I don’t have fertility issues (that I know of) as we got pregnant on the first go around but the doctor suggested that we use ovulation prediction kit to see when I am ovulating since my cycle might be screwy after the pregnancy.  This is my foray into the world of conception on the Internet….

Okay, seriously, have any of you been on a trying to conceive or “TTC” forum?  OMG!  The sheer volume of abbreviations for words and phrases is just amazing to me.  I fear for the English language as we know it(Side Bar: I recently read an article about high school students not being able to spell many common words correctly like “their” or “Thursday” or “misspell” and how one English teacher wants to just have commonly accepted incorrectly spelled forms of those words.  Way to excel at your job, jackass).

I recently ventured into this world with its’ whole other written language.  I asked a question about ovulation tests or OPK’s (ovulation prediction kits – remember my previous post about the tests making me crazy, this question was related to that).  The response I received had so many letters in it that I thought I had fallen into a bowl of Alpha Bits cereal:

“M, as long as U and DH BD 4 2dbo it prolly doesn’t matter what the OPK said.  Happy BFP!  Babydust 2 U!”


Apparently, translated, that means that as long as hubby and I had sex (BD) both of the 2 days before ovulation (2dbo), it doesn’t matter that the ovulation prediction kit (OPK) said that I was ovulating way earlier than I thought.  Happy Big Fat Positive [pregnancy test] (BFP) and apparently, “babydust” is good luck wishes….

There is also “TWW” or “two week wait” – the maddening time between ovulation and being able to take a pregnancy test.  “BFN” or “Big Fat Negative [pregnancy test]” – familiar with this beast this month. And also, “dpo” or “days past ovulation,” “AF” or “aunt flo” (which I have seen in medical related articles instead of the archaic term “menstruation”) and so on.*  Now if you are taking fertility drugs, there is a whole OTHER set of symbols and letters that means things about shots and cycles and procedures and I have not even tried to understand that…hopefully, I never have to….and not to mention taking temps and charting, OMG!  It’s a wonder that mankind even reproduces…

This is more confusing than the 2 lines on the OPK….Wish me Babydust because for now, I am staying off the forums….

*Check out this website, there is a whole glossary!