Hubby and I have endeavored to write the 100 reasons why we WILL get pregnant easily and have a healthy baby.  I guarantee they will range from silly to serious to sad to smart-ass – in general, a good reflection of us, I think.  Here goes!

100) We want to watch cartoons again.

99) We look silly as the only grow-ups at “Bug Fest.”

98) We love Halloween and the dogs hate being dressed up!

97) We have practiced the phrase “because I said so!” to perfection.

96) Hubby’s blue eyes are just too beautiful not to pass on.

95) We have many educational camping trips planned.

94) We have been through enough.

93) We love each other very much.

92) We are developing “old people” habits and it’s time to have children to torture them with those annoying habits.

91) Our boys deserve a brother or sister (good one, thanks Cindy!).

90) I love making Christmas cookies and I need an “elf” to assist.

89) We have so much love to give.

88) We believe it in your hearts that we will be parents again very soon.

87) We are already wonderful parents to our boys (Thanks for those 3 KB!).

86) We want to bring another life into this world.

85) Because we are too old to play with toys by ourselves.

84) Because we bought our house so our kid(s) could come home to their own home.

83) Hubby already has plans to make a baby karate gi.

82) We can’t wait for a first birthday, a first Christmas, a first tooth…

81) The grandparents are dying to spoil their grandkids.

80) The dogs want to steal baby’s “stuffies…”

79) Hubby will be an amazing father.

78) I promise to be a good mother.

77) We want to read to our kids every night before bed time.

76) I want to play violin for my baby(ies).













5 Responses to “Our 100 Reasons…”

  1. KB Says:

    Excellent! I like it a lot. One of my yoga teachers always says, “Blessed Be. It is So.”

    It is So.

  2. KB Says:

    What about:

    You have so much love to give

    You believe it in your hearts

    You are already wonderful parents

  3. misterivf Says:

    this is excellent! more more!

  4. BabyLylah'smom Says:

    I would add:
    Because I want to feed a little person ice cream and then wipe the chocolate off of their face

    We want to go to a children’s movie at the theatre

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