Ladies, Go Vote.

November 4, 2008

My friend Frankie over at created this

See, we didn’t always have the right to vote.  Men thought that we were too stupid or too delicate to understand the complicated process of politics and difficulty of running a nation.  Now, today, we have a woman who ran for President and damn near made it.  We have women in Congress, on the Supreme Court, in courtrooms, running Fortune 500 companies. 

It’s a shame if an individual doesn’t vote but if you are a woman and you don’t vote, you are sullying the memory of the women in this video.  Don’t do that to your grandmothers and great-grandmothers.  Go vote.

Thanks for this reminder Frankie, it’s just perfect.

Let Me Clear My Throat

October 21, 2008

and say this loud and clear – I’m scared.  There is a feeling of dread that I cannot overcome with respect to this Presidential race.  I have resisted getting political on my blog but I can no longer sit back silently while these “things” continue to happen around me.

Were you aware that a baby black bear cub was shot and killed yesterday morning, wrapped in Obama campaign posters and dumped on the steps of the administrative building at Western State University in Cullawee, North Carolina?  No.  Well, that’s probably because the only news outlet reporting on the incident is NC NPR (see 

This incident disturbs me on so many levels.  First, as a Liberal Democrat, I am upset that in this day and age, people are reduced to these types of scare tactics.  I’ll say it aloud because you all are thinking it too, this sounds very “hooded” if you get my drift – folks with white sheets and I don’t mean kids on Halloween playing “ghost.”

Second, as an animal lover and rescuer, I am angered that someone would harm a black bear – a cub no less.  The black bears here in North Carolina are a source of pride – this is one of the last places that you can easily view a bear in it’s natural habitat and to kill one to prove a political point?  Oh, it’s beyond maddening to me.  It shows a blatant disregard for the lives of all creatures, great and small.

Lastly, I am terrifed that the person who would do this is someone who will be voting for our next President.  He or she has the same power that you and I do but they are exercising their power from a place of ignorance and hate.  That is why it is so important that all of us get out and vote.  Please, I am begging.  Do not let the baby-bear-killing-ignorant-racist pick your next President.

I don’t know who reads this blog on a regular basis but if you can, please forward the above link to Laura Leslie’s blog at North Carolina Public Radio to as many people as possible.  I want the world to know what some McCain supporters are doing and thinking and how they are behaving. 

Please vote.  Political Panda out.