Freda in the House!

September 30, 2008

Oh joy!  Oh rapture!  My friend Kelly’s mother in law has lent me “Freda.”  Freda is a fertility goddess.  Please forgive me but in my haste to make dinner, go to Target, get some birthday cards, clean the kitchen and make spinach dip for book club tonight, I didn’t get any pictures of the lovely Freda.  I will correct that tonight….

Yup, a real live (well, wooden) fertility goddess and she’s awesome.  Apparently she has “powers.”  She lived in the dorm room at Duke with Kelly’s mother in law and two roommates.  Freda had been passed around to work her mo-jo finally coming to settle at the family lake house (two baby girls resulted from around that time period…coincidence or Freda?  I think Freda).  She is temporarily living with me in Holly Springs to “supervise” some baby-making.  I am so excited and so thankful (really, I swear, I used to be a rational person but don’t judge me, I’ve had a crappy, crappy year.  The fact that I am not in an institution is a dang darn miracle).

I have faith in Freda.

Soooo….if you have been reading along campers, you know that hubby and I are making another baby and that the doctor has recommended that we use an ovulation test to achieve our goal.  Okay, so I have to start peeing on the little stick today and I can’t empty my bladder for 4 hours before I pee on the little stick.  4 hours people.  That is some serious bladder control (not to mention no peeing for 4 hours = UTI but I will suffer through 100% cranberry juice for a baby). That means if I want to pee on the stick when I get home, I had to stop peeing at 1:45.  Since that time, I have had 2 glasses of water (well-hydrated = good cervical mucus, right?) and the rest of my iced decaf coffee (happy me = better baby-making, right?).  I just sent hubby the following email:

“When I pull into the driveway, I would suggest that you go into the bathroom, unwrap the pee stick, insert said pee stick into digital thingy and get the hell out of my way because I am going to need to pee like nobody’s business….can you handle that?”

This whole TTC thing is making me really bossy….