Stealth Volunteers

September 18, 2008

That’s right, we work for free and you don’t even know we are there.   We are a group of people who were drawn together in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.  We are the people who quietly worked to reunite over 1,000 animals (we stopped counting at 1,000) with their rightful owners during that tragedy.  We have gone on to work on the fires in Southern California and the floods in the Mid-West.  We are the people who cried when animals were found and returned – we did a “happy dance.”  We are the people who stood up and said, “that’s not right and that’s not fair” when an animal was found and refused to be returned due to prejudice or ignorance AND we helped to do something about it.  We are the people who miss our friends, Shannon and Beth dearly.

We are working on helping with Hurricane Gustav and Ike and we need your help.

Don’t you want to be one of us?

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The Stealth Volunteers is an Internet based group that helps families in disasters reunite with their lost animals. We are not always deployed, but when we are, we log a lot of computer hours!

 Our objective is to match found animals with their “lost” families. You must be approved, but it is a a formality to prevent spammers.

 Stealth Volunteers started as a group of volunteers from all over the country and the world, working on the ground and online to reunite Katrina evacuees with their pets. Our work wound down as the animals were adopted out, but those families who were never reunited will forever be in our thoughts and our hearts are filled by those we helped. Our work is locating owners, not lost pets.

 We also have an effort called “Home Safe with Stealth”, a local program for people to implement at their animal control facility. Apply our “stealth techniques” to find the owners of strays in your area, and to train for other national emergencies.

 This is a working list, and we discourage off-topic discussion. Our topic is finding evacuee owners. You can learn about the methods on our website

ARNO and Hopeful Haven

September 16, 2008

Animal victims of Gustav need your help.

For dogs, cats, birds and etc, you can go to and click the paypal link or mail donations to 1219 Coliseum Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

For livestock assistance, you can go to and click on the paypal link to donate. All donations are tax deductible. Or you can can mail checks payable to Hopeful Haven to 12193 Providence Rd Shreveport, LA 71129.