You Might Be…

June 12, 2009

Hubby and I were laying in bed talking about “stuff” (which for us is mainly baby talk – why don’t we have one, why did we lose our boys, etc…) and we came upon some “truths…”  If you are fertile-ly challenged, you may have discovered some of these yourself.  For instance, if you buy a pregnancy test, you will get your period on the way home from the store (and the price of the test is proportional to the quickness with which you will get your period, the more expensive the test, the faster it happens).  If you email the doctor that you are approaching a 35 day cycle, when you get up immediately after hitting “send,” you will get your period….(BTW, that apparently was the Clomid and it’s not uncommon.  Thanks for all of the encouragement and advice, I love my bloggy peeps).

I feel like that comedian, Jeff Foxworth and his “you might be a redneck if…” jokes (and sadly, some of his jokes apply to my family).   Tell me if you agree with these or have some of your own….

You might be fertile-ly challenged if your husband knows what day of your cycle you are on or even the history of your cycle (yes, mine does and so does the therapist.  Sigh.). 

If it’s not unusual for your closest friends to say to you, “so when do we pee on a stick?” you might be fertile-ly challenged (I love it, it makes me feel like I have my own little army battling the RBT for a baby, keeping me from giving up…). 

If you have weird superstitions like, “I have to wear THESE pants to the RE for my ultrasound,” you might be fertile-ly challenged (these are the same pants I wore to the day I found out I was pregnant and when I found out I was having twins – it was a 9 week ultrasound and I wasn’t really that big yet).

If some of the closest people to you have sat down and cried with you after your 3rd miscarriage and you are just to sad too go on…you might be fertile-ly challenged.

If you have ever gotten a card, a pair of socks, anything from someone you have yet to meet in person but faithfully reads your words because they too, have lost too much, you might be fertile-ly challenged (or made a new “in-person” friend because of the loss – I’m grateful for Amy).

If you have ever gotten pregnant and chanted over and over again for weeks (thus giving most of the neighborhood the idea that you talk to yourself on a regular basis), “hang in there Bean, hang in there…,” you might be fertile-ly challenged.

If any of these apply to you, you might be my people….

I’m sorry for that but I have discovered (and I hope you find out) that we are in good company.


8 Responses to “You Might Be…”

  1. myndful Says:

    The IF community is unbelievably supportive. It really is amazing how strangers suffering the same pain can so easily and readily embrace you as if you were family. Because of them, I never feel alone, I always feel accepted, and I always have somewhere to turn. Being a part of this community has been the one positive in what is an otherwise miserable journey. Couldn’t do it without them!

    Good luck to you in your journey. 🙂

  2. iamstacey Says:

    I knew we were fertility-challenged when my husband stopped cringing when I said the words “cervical mucous” … and he actually knows what it is and what it’s for!
    Great post. 🙂

  3. Kate Says:

    LOL @ Stacey’s comment. Yeah, here too.

    I relate to most of your issues.

    I know we were fertility challenged when I cleaned out my bathroom cupboard and found it filled to the brim with empty pregnancy test boxes. It was humbling.

  4. Amy Says:

    Hee hee! Those are sadly quite funny in a dark humor kind of way. I wish it were not so though. We have to laugh don’t we?

    I grateful for you to!

  5. JBBC Says:

    Have just come across your blog and I am thrilled to read your posts – well thrilled may be the wrong word if we consider what we are talking about here – the sadness and hopes and dreams of the fertility challenged! But thrilled in the sense that at last here is someone who writes honestly, without self-pity and with some humor about this issue. I am new to your blog but not new to your experience. I have just had my second miscarriage a few weeks ago, and am dealing with the devastating aftermath of that – this would have been our much longed for miracle first baby, as i was told that the chances of conceiving were very slim following breast cancer treatment four and a half years ago. But then, yesterday I woke up and said “enough tears”, time to move on and then I found your blog. I am so inspired by your words “I will concieve, carry and deliver a healthy, living baby concieved with love by Hubby and I. This is will up on my blog until it happens.” I think I will borrow this mantra from you. I have added your blog to the links on my own blog, as I think everyone in our situation deserves to be inspired by your words. My blog, Diary of a Miracle, started off as my pregnancy blog, but instead of abandoning it after my pregnancy loss, I have decided to continue with it in the hopes that my miracle WILL come true eventually. My wish is the same for you and all your readers x

  6. tntstanifer Says:

    I don’t think my fertile-ly challenges have been quite the same as yours, but I can so relate to the pregnancy test ironies. I have gotten into the habit of peeing in a cup first, and WIPING first, BEFORE I dip the stick in………BECAUSE it was getting to the point that THAT is when I would start my period. I can’t tell you how many pee’d on sticks sat on the counter doing it’s “thing” while I wiped, only to find tale-tale signs of old AF on the tp!!

  7. Jaded Says:

    oh wow…the very last one is sooo me. I told Emi and Daniella to please hang on…that I would be the best mom possible and give them the best life…alas….

    btw, thanks so much for commenting on my last post – i felt ‘naked’, like i really put my heart and soul out there.

  8. I have chanted the “hang in there bean” chant. And thanks for your comment on my post.

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