Baby A

March 10, 2009

I miss you terribly and I love you.


7 Responses to “Baby A”

  1. hisaak Says:

    Thinking of you, DH and your precious baby boys that were lost.

  2. Amy Says:

    Thinking of you today as you remember and miss your little boy, Baby A. I am so sorry your boys are not here with you….

  3. Angela Says:

    today, during our morning prayer, i had our class say a special prayer for you, your husband and your sons. my students are only 4 years old, but you could just hear the love in their voices when they heard that we were praying for babies. i am thinking of you, my friend.

  4. Rebekah Says:

    Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you.

  5. Jaded Says:

    Baby A,
    I am thinking of you and of your mommy and daddy today.

    Massive hugs to you both today and always.

  6. Karla Says:

    Martha: you have been in my thoughts today. I would be lucky to have even half your strength. I am so sorry that you can’t have Baby A (and both your boys) in your arms, but I know that you love them so much and will never forget them. Know that even though some of us are very far away, we are reaching out in our hearts and we are thinking of you.

  7. KB Says:

    Thinking of you all today.

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