Hubby Lovey

December 18, 2008

Really, I know that I have said this before but I do have the best husband.  Y’all don’t know what a good husband he is….

Last night we were out at dinner, finishing up some Christmas shopping and he says, “so you are going to have a good Christmas…”  And I said, “well, thanks…did I get everything on my list?”  Hubby says, “no, I am not buying you an immersion blender to make dinner for me as a Christmas gift.  If you want one, we will get you one but that’s a waste of a gift-giving opportunity…an appliance for Christmas, no way!”

See, he’s awesome….I think I got some jewelry…GIGGLE!!!


3 Responses to “Hubby Lovey”

  1. Freda Says:

    Lucky. My husband sucks. I don’t get what’s on my list.

  2. KB Says:

    Hey Buddy. Just thinking about you. I don’t have your e-mail addr away from home. Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thoughts and big hugs. Be well. 🙂

  3. whataboutmyeggs Says:

    Just thought I would stop in and see how you were doing. Let’s hope the New Year is better for us both than 2008. I think I’ll go ahead and try to just forget this last year if possible. I’m goin for a “do over.”

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