A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bed….

November 19, 2008

It’s that time again, you know, that period of time when you have a lot of sex and pee on a lot of little sticks which may or may not tell you that you are ovulating…I don’t know what you call it in your house but in our house, it’s called “Boinkfest.”  Those of you trying to conceive know what I mean. 

And you also know that it’s hard not to make it routine or boring because, let’s be honest here, this isn’t just your average good time in the sack, we are “boinking” for a purpose here.  This is sex for procreation.  Baby-making sex.  Gone are the days of just “doin’ it” to “do it.”  Ladies, we want those sperm and we want them NOW, right?

Well, last month we kind of struggled to keep it romantic and light and fun.  Apparently we did something right because if you read the blog routinely (thank you and bless you) remember, we were pregnant for like a minute and a half – which was good – but still, when “Boinkfest” came around this month, I was a little worried.

Apparently I shouldn’t have been.  Despite that fact that we were both disappointed with the loss at the beginning of the month, it seems to have renewed our determination to make a baby.  We’ve been having a lot of fun.  Hubby said last night (while shoving a pillow under my butt, handing me my glasses, turning me sideways so I could watch TV and covering me up – he’s a really good hubby…) that he felt very hopeful and calm.  And I agree.  There isn’t the panicked urgency that there had been in previous months.  We have gotten pregnant before and it “stuck” before and it will “stick” again.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to curled up in a ball and cry when I think about the boys but it does mean that I am thinking more about the future than the past and previously, I couldn’t say that.



6 Responses to “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bed….”

  1. hahaha this post is GREAT!!! have fun with your boinkfest!! hehe it’s gonna happen for you soon, i just know it! and then when you’re all prego, you’ll be missing the boinkfest haha. good luck!

  2. Karla Says:

    Ooom-pah-pah! Enjoy Boink-a-Palooza.

  3. tntstanifer Says:

    We called it the baby dance or BD in our house. It was always fun though! Good luck & hugs!!

  4. hisaak Says:

    Ah yes, thanks for the laugh 🙂 We just completed our own version in this house …

  5. KB Says:

    Yup…the ole pillow under the butt trick. I have a girlfriend who swears by it for conception and a guy friend who swears by it for pleasure purposes. Either way should suit your needs! 😉

  6. jaded Says:

    I’m glad you are both feel calm – it bodes well.

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