Ladies, Go Vote.

November 4, 2008

My friend Frankie over at created this

See, we didn’t always have the right to vote.  Men thought that we were too stupid or too delicate to understand the complicated process of politics and difficulty of running a nation.  Now, today, we have a woman who ran for President and damn near made it.  We have women in Congress, on the Supreme Court, in courtrooms, running Fortune 500 companies. 

It’s a shame if an individual doesn’t vote but if you are a woman and you don’t vote, you are sullying the memory of the women in this video.  Don’t do that to your grandmothers and great-grandmothers.  Go vote.

Thanks for this reminder Frankie, it’s just perfect.


2 Responses to “Ladies, Go Vote.”

  1. Assentia Says:

    An argument against women voting in Greece used to be that women are in a state of temporary insanity for a few days every month, and since those days don’t coincide for all women, it would be impossible to find a date to schedule elections when all voters would be compos mentis.

    Any comments on the reasoning of the view’s supporters?

  2. Freda Says:

    I voted & am keeping my fingers crossed for Obama!

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