Adventures in Labwork at UNC Hospitals

November 4, 2008

The receptionist at the hospital (not the one normally there, this one was admittedly a “floater”) says to me as she is handing my lab slip, “are you pregnant?”

Me: “I don’t know, I hope.  That’s what the lab slip is for…” I was smiling.

Her: “Well did you take a test at home?”

Me: “Yes, I did.” Still smiling.

Her: “And it was….”

Me: “Please give me my lab slip.” No longer smiling.

Her: “You know the urine tests…”

Me: “Please.  Lab slip.  Now.” Glaring at her, trying to figure out who I know that would help me hide a body.


4 Responses to “Adventures in Labwork at UNC Hospitals”

  1. mkwewer Says:

    Yes, Frankie? (Am I calling on you?)

  2. Gretchen Says:

    If you were smiling I assume the test is pos, but if you are getting lab work…what does that mean????

  3. KB Says:

    OK, I took 6 home pregnancy tests in my other pregnancy and the ALL were negative. But, sure enough, I was pregnant on the blood test, and then obviously – I was pregnant for 6 months.

    Are you saying that your home tests said negative or positive? I’m confused.

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