Not-So Paid Advertisement

October 20, 2008

Do you have a dog?  Well I do.  Two in fact.  As as result, everything I own is covered in dog hair.  My English Setter is one fluffy critter and he drops his under coat constantly.  I measure the temperature outside by the amount of white Quincy hair located under the kitchen table (apparently the cosmic forces align just right and that’s where the fur collects).  So how do I deal?

The Furrminator.

Yes, I know, you think it’s a gimmick too.  After 3 people told me it was the best thing since anti-depressant meds, I coughed up the $50 this weekend and went and got one.

Oh joy, oh rapture.  It’s effing amazing.  I combed a garbage bags’ worth off of both mutts and I would have had more but Quincy was getting really annoyed (he sat for an hour so I can’t really complain) and I stopped.

I heart the Furrminator.


2 Responses to “Not-So Paid Advertisement”

  1. jaded Says:

    really? i have a dog at home – peaches, and she sheds hair EVERYWHERE. i am going to look into this, because right now i just have her go to the groomer’s. i tell them to shave her butt! i tell them i don’t care if you leave a bald spot, just get as much as you can off of her!.

  2. mkwewer Says:

    It works. I did both dogs and the cat on Sunday, no hair under the kitchen table yet. It’s pricey but cheaper than the groomer and worth the time saved vacuuming and sweeping.

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