Insensitivity is Alive and Well

August 24, 2008

even if my babies are not.  And yes, I did say that.  I’m spoiling for a fight today.  If you are sensitive to my potty mouth – which is in full force – I would skip this post. 

Someone said to me this morning, “oh well, you know what, take it from me, you couldn’t have cared for two babies at once anyway.” 

Wait, what?

First, I barely know this person.  The only reason she knows about my boys is our receptionist in my office can’t keep her mouth shut.  This person is a client and really had no business discussing my life or my boys.

Second, she didn’t/doesn’t have twins.  How the fuck would she know a) about caring for two babies at once and b) about my abilities to care for said babies.

Third, who the hell says that to someone who lost their babies.  Like it makes it okay that I lost them both because she thinks I could have only cared for one.  How fucking insensitive can you be?  Pretty insensitive from where I sit…If her goal was to win the “I’m the most insensitive bitch” award – well, congratulations and ready your speech because you did it, you won it.

This, of course, sent me into a tailspin.  I cried all the way home from work.  Why would she say that to me?  What makes it worse is this person has recently experienced a significant loss – shouldn’t she know better? I know I should have tolerance for people like this and know that she probably meant it in some other way (I’m reaching for an excuse here, I know) but damnit, I was doing really well and that statement just wrecked me.  I mean, completely and totally wrecked me.  Sadness and grief, who I had given “the finger” to, are back, those stupid bitches.


3 Responses to “Insensitivity is Alive and Well”

  1. Angela Says:


    For her to have gone through what you have gone through and to say what she said is beyond tacky. I’m sorry she made you cry, I really am – and I swear, if I saw her, I would sock her in the face five times – 3 for you and your babies, and 2 for me and mine. There’s no excuse for what she said, and as much as I hate to say it, maybe there is a good reason she lost her own child. I can just hear it now – “Mommy, I fell off the swing!” “Well, take it from me, you’re a big loser so I pretty much knew you would fall off anyway.” People like her shouldn’t be allowed to procreate. UGGH!

  2. karen333 Says:

    People can be very cruel, so i have learned. my great-grand daughter died, she was a year old, much loved. i have had people laugh and smile and be so happy she is dead. one woman that lost her son to cancer when he was 35, i cried with her when it happend. her response to me about my great-grand daughters death, it is better they die when they are babies. she said she had wished her son had died when he was baby. she couldn’t understand why i would cry for the baby. oh the god’s will, god never makes a mistake, it was right the baby died. this is the garbage talk i have to deal with. there is some thing very cruel in people. i don’t talk to any one any more, i got tired of their happiness with the baby’s death. my heart is broken, i will always cry for her. i just want her back.

  3. Gretchen Says:


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